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Rocky View Brewing Company is a micro brewery located between the city of Calgary and the town of Cochrane, in the beautiful Foothills of Alberta. The brewery was established in 2016 out of a passion for crafting great tasting beer, one small batch at a time. The co-founder, Lyle Thorsen, enjoyed sharing his home brew creations with family and friends so much he convinced his wife, Denean, to expand into a commercial scale operation so his brews could be shared with others who also enjoy drinking fresh and flavorful local beer.


The brewery focuses on crafting three flagship ales; IPA, Amber and Blonde along with limited production runs of Seasonal beers.

Our family owned brewery is located on an acreage in the rural area of Bearspaw, Alberta.  It is here that a home brewing passion expanded into a fully operational brewery in 2016.  At the time Lyle worked in an office in downtown Calgary, so brew days were only on weekends.  In early 2019 things changed and Rocky View Brewing Company transitioned to become a full time business endeavor.  We have since increased production and expanded our product distribution across Alberta.

We focus on brewing approachable beers to bring an enjoyable experience to a broad range of craft beer enthusiasts.  We only use high quality, natural ingredients and our beers do not contain any additives or preservatives.

We are truly blessed to have had such a positive response from our customers.  Thank you for your support so that we are able to continue on this beer brewing journey!




5.5% ABV

An easy drinking and approachable beer, with a pale golden color. The medium malty flavour and underlying caramel notes make this beer the ultimate crowd pleaser.


5.2% ABV

This dark amber colored beer is full of caramel and chocolate notes which balance the hop bitterness and bring an interesting complexity. It is what you’re looking for when you feel a little more adventurous, but still want a classic malty European style ale.


5.5% ABV

Our IPA is hop forward, with a bitterness that lingers into the aftertaste, but is not harsh. The malt flavor is clean with light caramel notes. The beer has an abundance of hop aroma with a citrus character.

Brown Ale

5.0% ABV

A rich, dark and full bodied beer with chocolate notes lingering in the finish. Celebrating our co-founder, Denean’s Cree heritage, we incorporate Indigenous ingredients into our beer wherever possible.  This seasonal offering uses honey from a bee farm located on the Tsuut’ina Nation and will only last as long as the cold winter weather, so enjoy it before the snow melts!


4.5% ABV

This Belgian style Witbier is crisp, pleasantly sweet and exhibits an orange-citrusy fruitiness.  The beer is light gold in color with a cloudy appearance, and has a lacy white head.  It is a refreshing choice when you are looking for a light thirst quencher.


5.0% ABV

A classic clean and crisp German style Pilsner, with light grainy malt character and pronounced noble hop flavours.

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